Recipe Index

Biscuits, Bars, Brownies etc.
Brownies (Baking with Julia*)
Chocolate, Almond and Orange Biscotti
Chocolate Caramel Bars
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Hobnob Biscuits
Cucidati | X-Cookies (Baking with Julia*)

Bagels (Baking with Julia*)
Danish Braid (Baking with Julia*)
Espresso Profiteroles (Baking with Julia*)
Finnish Pulla (Baking with Julia*)
Focaccia (Baking with Julia*)
Orange Cinnamon Sticky Buns (Baking with Julia*)
Strawberry Kolaches
White Loaves (Baking with Julia*)
Whole Wheat Bread (Baking with Julia*)

French Mango Cake (Baking with Julia*)
Gingerbread Baby Cakes (Baking with Julia*)
Lemon Butter Cake
Lemon Loaf Cake (Baking with Julia*)

Cupcakes, Muffins etc


Frozen Desserts

Pies, Tarts etc
Chocolate Truffle Tarts (Baking with Julia*)
French Apple Tart (Baking with Julia*)
Lemon Meringue Pie
Peach Leaf Pie (Baking with Julia*)



*TWD : Baking with Julia

'Tuesdays with Dorie: Baking with Julia' is an online group of food bloggers from around the world. Every fortnight, we will bake the same recipe from the book 'Baking with Julia' by Julia Child and Dorie Greenspan and then post it on our respective blogs on a pre-determined tuesday. Due to copyright considerations, the recipe will be only posted by the person who is the host for that fortnight. Alternately, you can write to me at '' and I will mail it to you.

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