Monday, 15 August 2016

Chocolate And Cardamom Scented Swirl Buns

There's something about the Olympics that grips me every time. I don't have an athletic bone in my body and I have hardly played any sport. And it's not just about watching sports being played at the highest level that has me fixated on the Sports channels. It is about watching these athletes pursue a goal, in exclusion of everything else in life, with a single minded focus and dedication. That years of preparation and training, against all odds, to compete at the highest level comes down to a result that is determined within minutes or in some cases, seconds. While the exuberance of watching the champion succeed is special, it is even more inspiring to watch other athletes who face disappointment but pick themselves up to fight another day. Add to that, the personal stories of these athletes and the challenging circumstances they overcome to pursue their dreams and you are left with nothing but the highest respect and admiration. 

It's been a real bummer that because of the time difference with Rio, we haven't been able to catch all the events as they happen. The events I look out for are gymnastics, athletics, synchronised swimming, archery and shooting. What about you??

As for these swirl buns, they are a product of a rainy afternoon when staying in was the only option. And afterall, is there anything more appropriate than a calorie loaded chocolate bun while watching these athletes perform with their beautifully toned bodies and washboard abs?!

I have been seeing these buns by Donal Skehan all over social media and had to give them a try. It helps that he has put up a video that explains the whole process in simple steps. It is a dough that is enriched with milk and butter that is then filled with a layer of dark chocolate and then twirled into these buns. The dough is flavoured with cardamom, in the tradition of Scandinavian breads, which pairs beautifully with the chocolate. The swirls and twirls all look a bit complex but see the video, it's actually quite simple!

What comes out of the oven are these beautiful, soft cardamom-scented buns with that swirl of dark chocolate. And despite all the issues that we have with metabolism, I insist that you should make them. And oh yes, do eat them warm, straight out of the oven!!

What could I have done better? I could have shaped the buns smaller and more compact and since, I didn't have any eggs at home, I gave the buns, a cream wash rather than an egg wash which would have resulted in a more richer golden brown colour on them. Pointers for the next time, for I'll be definitely making these again.

As for the Olympics, I think we all stayed awake at Midnight to watch Dipa Karmakar make history and show us the champion she is. Happy Independence Day everyone..I hope you've enjoyed the long weekend..x!


Chocolate and Cardamom Scented Swirl Buns

Before you embark on the recipe, I recommend that you watch Donal Skehan's video on how to make these buns. You will find the video here.

Recipe link: Donal Skehan

Note: I made half of the above recipe to make 6 buns. I could have made them smaller and got 8 buns.   


  1. Wow, these look amazing and having tried your Eggless Chocolate Cake recipe with resounding success, I'll definitely give these a go. Thank you for creating such an inspirational blog - heartfelt story, beautiful and enticing photos and easy-to-follow mouth-watering recipes make this blog an absolute reader's feast! You go girl!

    1. Gerrie.. you've got to try these. Do have a look at the video (I have posted the link) makes it much simpler. And thank you so much for the kindest words.. much love always..


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