Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Mango And Banana Frozen Yoghurt

Oh dear dear, Summer's here! Normally I would have begun on my rant but that's so predictable that it's pointless. So, instead let's talk about things that I think will interest you.

Last week, Monica Bhide, food writer, storyteller and in the words of her book, 'culinary explorer, cultivator and teacher', asked on Facebook if anybody would like to read her soon to-be-released book, 'A Life of Spice'. Of course, I put up my hand and she very graciously sent me the Kindle link to her book. I started it on Saturday afternoon and read it pretty much uninterrupted till I finished it by Sunday afternoon.

The book is a collection of essays that Monica has written over the years. To say that it is about food or about Monica's love for food would be missing the point completely. Her stories are about how the memories we have and the memories we look to create are invariably and inextricably linked with food.

Of the family who will always remember their last meal as they leave their home forever, never to return. Of the adult who will always become a child when she returns to her parent's home, craving the dishes of her childhood. Of the experienced cook who will always remember all the disasters as a novice. Of the mother who feels her child is growing up too fast and holds on to those precious moments when they bond together over the kitchen counter. Of the immigrant who has adopted a new country but will never shake off the food and customs of the homeland. These and many more of Monica's stories bear testament to the fact as time passes and life moves on and change is inevitable, we are left with memories and more often than not, they have a connection with food. 

And while these stories are a peek into Monica's life, they are so evocative that they compel you to explore your own 'Memory's Kitchen'. Read the book and you will understand where I get the term from!

Monica confesses to a torrid romance with food and she proves it when she deftly brings it to life in her writing. "...coriander whimpers, cumin smolders, mustard sizzles, and cinnamon roars.." is just some of the magic she creates with her words!

And talking about food, I made some mango and banana frozen yoghurt. The weather is certainly calling for it. It takes just three ingredients and it's so fuss-free, I don't think you can even calling it cooking.

You can't fault the dessert but I would make two suggestions to make it better. We are right in the bang of mango season and I wonder if the banana was really necessary. Personally, I would stick solely with the mango.

And secondly, you know I don't like my desserts cloyingly sweet and yet I found this dessert lacking something. I won't recommend that you add sugar but rather you drizzle, a generous amount at that, of honey over the yoghurt. It instantly transforms it from the ordinary to the elegant. Perfect for lazy summer weekends!

Before I sign off, I'd like to draw your attention to a petition by Dastkar to protect the intellectual property rights of India's traditional handloom weavers from the powerful powerloom lobby. Please do take time to read this petition and sign up your support to protect India's rich textile legacy.

Over the weekend, a powerful earthquake hit Nepal and we've seen the devastating images all through the weekend. For those looking to donate/help/volunteer, this link might be of help. A prayer for the victims as they stand vulnerable and defenceless in the face of Nature's might!

Mango and Banana Frozen Yoghurt

Serves 3-4. Adapted from Donna Hay's recipe
  • 2-3 ripe mangoes, peeled and chopped
  • 1-2 bananas, peeled and chopped
  • 1 cup thick/hung/Greek yoghurt (If using regular yoghurt, please do keep in mind to strain the yoghurt of all water, for at least 4 hours. Else, the water will crystallise when you freeze the mixture and there will be tiny ice crystals in the frozen yoghurt)
  • Place the banana and mango in an airtight container and chill. (the original recipe calls for the fruit to be frozen but my blender at home was not strong enough to handle the frozen fruit. I had to thaw them out before I could use them. So, I find it easier to use chilled fruit).
  • Place the banana, mango and yoghurt in a food processor and process until smooth.
  • Return to an airtight container and freeze. Allow to soften for 5 minutes before serving.
  • Tip: We enjoyed it with a generous drizzle of honey on top! It really helps it along!


  1. Looks like we all are going crazy over mangoes :) That frozen yogurt is a brilliant idea.

    1. Ooo.. I am crazy about mangoes although I do feel that this year the crop hasn't been that good!! Not like that is stopping me from my mandatory mango every day!! :)

  2. I look forward to reading that book!
    It is amazing how intertwined food and memories are. I have a friend who loves coffee and she swears that coffee tastes different depending on who makes it and their mood when they do it.
    P.S.I signed the petition, thanm you for sharing it

    1. Thank you so much Sawsan for signing the petition.. I look forward to the day, some day in the future where I can personally show you India's rich textile legacy!! :))

      You will love the book. My mother shares the same sentiment as your friend.. she always insists that the mood you are in when you are cooking affects the way the food tastes!! xx

  3. Looks yum!! just a thought.. do you think in addition to the honey, a tiny pinch of red chilli powder or fresh cracked pepper or maybe ground cardamom will uplift the taste?

    1. Look at you Mrinalini.. you little spice queen!! haha... I like sound of cardamom ..not only am I partial to it..I think it will pair beautifully with the mango! Although from your options..I can see someone enjoys a bit of spice!! ;)

    2. hahaha "a bit" is an understatement! I love anything and everything with some form of spice...specially if its theekha!

    3. Seriously?! I like chatpata but just teekha..I can't handle it!! :) Enjoy the long weekend ahead!! xx

    4. Hey hey!! I made both, the Aam Panna and the Mango Yogurt. Aam panna with Cumin powder, rock salt, saffron and jaggery and the Mango yogurt without the bananas, but with saffron and a pinch of red chilli powder. Both turned out yummmm. Thanks for sharing the recipes!

    5. M!!! you are giving me ideas!! Mango fro-yo with saffron and red chilli powder.. I like the sound of it and what a beautiful colour it must have been!! Saffron has been my newest discovery ..I have totally fallen in love with it over the past few months!!

      As for the aam panna.. did you substitute the sugar with the jaggery by the same amount??

      And thank you soo soo much for getting back to me! U don't know how happy your message has made me!! :)

  4. :):) the mango yogurt does look lovely only it's getting a bit icy. Did that happen with yours at all? With the Aam Panna I actually started by adding a little sugar and then realised I had jaggery so I put a bit of both! Have a fun sunday!

    1. Did you strain/hang the yoghurt of all its water..to get the same consistency like greek yoghurt?? because if there is water..that is what crystallises when you freeze it..and makes it icy!! Thanks for the pointer.. I will add that lil point to the recipe!!

    2. Yup,,I made it again last night, but this time instead of whizzing it in the mixer, I used the hand blender and its perfect. I guess, like while making icecream, making it airy makes all the difference.

    3. Ahh.. you mean it makes such a difference!! U learn something every day! :)

  5. oooo love it. My must try summer treat :)


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