I steered clear of the kitchen for most of my life only to realise one afternoon while baking a cake what I had been missing all these years. Suddenly baking seemed to appeal in a way that I had never imagined. The precision of measurements and technique required to achieve the end result called out to the fastidious perfectionist in me in a way that cooking never could. And nothing prepared me for the wonderful, feel-good and homey aroma that engulfed my kitchen every time I baked.

My name is Sarvani and this blog is a personal diary of my adventures in baking. I blog from India and the recipes are ones that I have adapted from various recipe books, blogs or sometimes a handwritten special scribbled on a yellowing piece of paper discovered while flipping through old books and diaries or even recipe boxes!! The photographs are taken with a simple point-and-shoot camera in and around my home.

If you have a question or would simply like to drop me a line, you can contact me at bakerindisguise@gmail.com. 'Baker in disguise' also has a Facebook page. I look forward to hearing from you!
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