Thursday, 29 January 2015


What a start to the year it's been and I don't mean that in a good way! Just as I was getting used to the new year, I fell sick, again!! Coming within weeks of the last time I fell sick, I was wiped out all over again. So, for much of January I've just lay low.
Once the worst had passed, I've concentrated on building up my immunity and strength with natural home remedies. So, it's been a shot of amla (Indian gooseberry) juice first thing in the morning and a small cup of haldi-doodh (milk with a pinch of turmeric) just before bed at night. And sometime during the day, a concoction of honey-ginger-tulsi (Indian basil) to counter the horrible cough that's proving a wee bit stubborn. If you know of any more, do tell me!
Anyhow, I've had enough of being sick and the oven's been cold for too long.

So, I turned to this trusted, super easy recipe by Nigella that's never failed me till date. Nigella calls them 'chocohotopots' and they are instant mood lifters and just what the doctor ordered!
It is one of the first recipes I ever tried my hand at, way before I even started writing this blog and it was an instant hit. And ever since, it's been a regular feature at home. Be it a rainy weekend or a chilly night or an impromptu dinner with friends or simply, an urge for something warm and cosy, these chocohotopots have always been the dessert of choice.

The beauty of this recipe is that it uses regular pantry staples and transforms itself into something reminiscent of a chocolate molten lava cake. All you need is a hand whisk to get the batter done and then wait twenty minutes before you pull these beauties out of the oven. Just remember, this dessert should be served straight from the oven, HOT! You can prepare the batter much in advance and then twenty minutes before you want to eat them, pop them in the oven.
The top and the sides of the batter cook into crisp, chewy shell that conceals a luscious, gooey molten chocolate inside that will melt even the most hardened cynics! Till date, I haven't yet seen anyone's eyes not widen with excitement when they put their spoon through the crust and encounter the chocolate lava inside! I will insist that you try give this dessert a shot... you can thank me later!!
How've you all been?? Hope the new year's been kinder to you..xx!!

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