Sunday, 9 February 2014

Classic Baked Cheesecake

Am not sure how it is possible that I have completed two years of writing a baking blog without having done a single post on a cheesecake. Well, when better than a lazy Sunday afternoon to rectify matters.
Cheesecakes hit the Indian food scene a few years back and it became the de rigueur dessert to order when one stepped out. Of all the variations put out, the no-bake blueberry avatar was the crowd favourite. I have lost count of how many times I have had the one at CafĂ© Moshe in Bombay. And then just like that, I think I had one too many and haven't had another slice since then. Maybe, that's why it took me so long to get it on the blog. So, for my first time baking it, I thought I stick to the classics. I went with a classic, baked cheesecake.
There are literally a trillion cheesecake recipes on the Internet. But, I stuck to the tried and tested Donna Hay who hasn't yet disappointed till date. Her recipes are straight forward and easy to follow. My advice, follow her recipe to the last word and the end result will be as promised.
Most of the ingredients are regular pantry items except for the two cheeses mentioned. The recipe uses cream cheese and ricotta, both fairly expensive cheeses, here in India. Moreover, they are not easily available all over the country. Luckily for me, I got my hands on a tiny packet of Philadelphia cream cheese but the ricotta I made at home. I recommend that you do the same. It took me half an hour with only ten minutes of work to get the ricotta the recipe needed.
Once you have the cheeses sorted, its all smooth sailing. Its one of those one-bowl recipes where you simply dunk everything in the food processor, whiz it and your filling is ready to be baked. Again, just follow the recipe and you can't go wrong. Pay attention to your mise-en-place and the rest hardly takes time.
And what a beauty the end result is. The cheese filling bakes into a layer that is creamy and light and not claggy and dense. It has a hint of lemon that is refreshing and a sweetness that is not cloying. It is one of those deceptive desserts that easily tempts you into a second helping.
Pair it with a fruit compote and I went with a strawberry one. It complements the citrusy undertones of the cheesecake perfectly. But, this cheesecake is so light and fresh, that if had on the day that you have baked it, owing to its freshness, you might even be ready to forgo the compote. It is delightful just as it is.
I'll go as far as to say that this cheesecake that you make at home will rival some of the best that you've eaten. So, what you waiting for?? Hope you had a lovely weekend!!
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